COB Student Handbook

(Please review the information on this webpage and the links to the left to become familiar with important information about the College of Business policies and procedures.)

The Walker College of Business Advising Center serves many functions within the Walker College of Business.  Some of the primary services provided are:

  • Assistance with academic planning and goal-setting
  • Assistance with registration
  • Providing senior checks in the semester prior to graduation (required)
  • Verification of completion of degree requirements

It is essential that you know and understand the topics listed in the menu on the left in order to successfully progress through your degree requirements.  You should review these topics prior to meeting with an advisor and go to your first advising meeting prepared with any questions you may have.

Who is your advisor?

  • Students in the College of Business are allowed to self-select a business advisor.  Students can make an appointment with any business advisor each time he/she makes an appointment.
  • Some students will decide to select the same advisor each time while othes may decide to select the advisor who has the earliest availability.  Either way is fine!
  • Students who do complete their major declaration by the advertised deadline in University College should probably see their University College advisor prior to declaring since it may be difficult to get an appointment with a business advisor this late in the semester.
When should a student make an appointment?
We recommend that students see an advisor as soon as possible after declaring a business major or a BA-ECO majors.  After the initial appointment, students often choose to meet with an advisor prior to early registration each semester.  It is very important that students make an advising appointment early in the semester.  As we get within a few weeks of early registration, our appointments become very full and it may not be possible to see an advisor prior to a student's assigned registration time.

Making an advising appointment
Advising appointments are made through our online appointment scheduling software.  

Is Advising Mandatory?
While the WCOB Advising Center does not require advising, except for students on academic probation, students making a change to their academic programs and students ready for a senior check, we strongly recommend that students meet with an advisor each semester in order to assure that they are progressing towards meeting their academic goals.  The majority of students in the College of Business do meet with an advisor at least once each semester.

No Show Policy
Because the COB Advising Office has a very small advising staff, it is important that students sign up early for an appointment and also show up on time for those appointments. If you are 10 minutes late for an advising appointment or more than 5 minutes late for a senior check appointment, you will be considered a “no show” and must reschedule your appointment. If you “no show” twice in a semester, you will be unable to make another advising appointment during that semester until after Early Registration.