Programs of Study

Programs of Study

The Walker College of Business offers a BSBA degree with a choice of ten majors, a  BA degree with a major in Economics (with four concentration options) and fifteen minors (some available for both business majors and non-business majors and some available only for one or the other).  It is important for students to explore their options early in their academic careers by reviewing the Programs of Study and requesting additional information about programs of interest from their academic advisors, the BB&T Student Leadership Center or the academic departments.

Undergraduate Programs of Study for the majors and minors within the Walker College of Business are available at

Which Catalog and Program of Study can I use?
You may choose to graduate using the degree requirements as recorded in the catalog and on the Program of Study that is in place when you first enter Appalachian or you may choose any subsequent catalog and Program of Study that is in place during the time you are enrolled as long the chosen Program of Study is no more that 10 years old at the time of graduation. You must follow all requirements under the catalog that you are following.  Check the catalog validity chart below to see how long your catalog is valid.

What exactly is a Catalog?
The catalog, or General Bulletin, is an online document of information about policies, procedures and requirements at Appalachian, as well as course descriptions and much other information.  You are automatically placed on the catalog that is in place at the time you enter Appalachian, but you can choose to follow any subsequent catalog in place during a period of your enrollment provided that the catalog has not expired.  Catalogs expire after ten years.  Click here for online catalogs.

What do I do if I want to change my Program of Study?

If you have already declared a major in the College of Business and want to change the catalog or Program of Study under which you intend to graduate, you should

  • consult the COB Undergraduate Advising Center (2126 Peacock Hall) if your records are in the College of Business, or
  • talk with your advisor in University College if you have not yet declared a major

Catalog Validity

CatalogLast Valid Term
2007-2008Summer 2017
2008-2009Summer 2018
2009-2010Summer 2019
2010-2011Summer 2020
2011-2012Summer 2021
2012-2013Summer 2022
2013-2014Summer 2023
2014-2015Summer 2024
2015-2016Summer 2025
2016-2017Summer 2026
2017-2018Summer 2027
2018-2019Summer 2028
2019-2020Summer 2029
2020-2021Summer 2030
2021-2022Summer 2031
2022-2023Summer 2032