Senior Check

Your Senior Check

is the last official review of your progress in meeting graduation requirements.  It supersedes any other advising plans previously completed.  It is a prerequisite to register for MGT 4750 and BUS 4000, for BSBA students.
Remember to schedule your senior check appointment early in the semester so you will be eligible to add MGT 4750 and BUS 4000 during Early Registration.  

Senior Check Timing

It should be completed early in your second to last semester of classes

  • Students doing an internship or study abroad during their last semester will need to do a Senior Check two semesters prior to graduation (this includes accounting majors doing an internship and then accelerated courses in the final semester). 
  • Please note: You must be admitted to the Walker College of Business to be eligible for a Senior Check.

After my Senior Check

It is your responsibility to assure you are taking the correct courses.  Use the following resources to check you are completing all requirements:

  • Check your DegreeWorks to assure that all requirements are checked off as MET or IN PROGRESS.  Repeat Warning:  If you are repeating a course for which you have already earned credit, your worksheet might not be correct.
  • Use your Senior Check to confirm you are registered correctly.
  • See an academic advisor to review your schedule, if you have any questions.
  • The WCOB Advising Center does not check that students have registered for the correct classes before the semester.