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(Late Senior Checks April 25-27)

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A Senior Check is the last official review of the courses you have taken and your progress in meeting graduation requirements. This will supersede any other advising plans previously completed.  If you do not register for the correct courses, as indicated on your Senior Check, you will not be notified of this by the COB Advising Center until the end of the semester in which you applied to graduate.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE SURE YOU TAKE THE CORRECT COURSES LISTED ON YOUR Senior Check!  We highly recommend that, once you have registered for your final course work, you check your Degree Works worksheet to assure that all requirements are checked off as MET or IN PROGRESS.  Keep in mind that, if you are repeating a course for which you have already earned credit, your worksheet might not be correct.

Senior Checks should be completed early in the semester prior to the last semester of classes – students doing an internship or study abroad during their last semester will need to do an Senior Check two semesters prior to graduation (this includes accounting majors doing an internship and then minicourses in the final semester).

  • Senior Checks for students completing course work in August or December 2017 (except students participating internships or study abroad programs after completing all other coursework) will be held January 30-March 10 (the last day/time to schedule an Senior Check is March 9th at 2:00 pm)

You can schedule a Senior Check by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Senior Checks only offered during certain weeks of the semester?
Senior Checks are typically held for six weeks beginning a few days after Drop/Add each semester; late Senior Checks are held a few days after the end of Early Registration.  Two emails regarding the Senior Check are sent to students who have enough hours to be ready for the Senior Check.  One is sent at the beginning of the semester and one is sent a few weeks later as a reminder.  It is the student's responsibility to make an appointment for an Senior Check by the announced deadline.  Provisions are made for students away doing an internship or study abroad to do the Senior Check through email if requested by the deadline. 

There are many reason Senior Checks are held during designated times, cannot be done on a walk-in basis and, for BSBA students, are linked to eligibility to register for MGT 4750 and BUS 4000.  The main reasons are as follows:

  • Demand for academic advising increases as the semester progresses.  As we get closer to Early Registration, students begin thinking more about meeting with an advisor to plan for the next term.  By requiring Senior Checks to be earlier in the semester, we make good use of the part of the semester when students are not as likely to request advising appointments.
  • Senior Checks are a comprehensive review of all remaining requirements.  This often requires incorporating multiple majors or minors.  While the typical advising appointment also involves a comprehensive review of the students academic plan, the Senior Check is created in a different format that requires additional time to prepare. 
  • The link between the Senior Check and MGT 4750/BUS 4000 is to insure that only graduating seniors will get seats in these courses.  Part of the reason is that there is not room for others students who may have met the course prerequsites but are not in their last semester.  The other reason is that these courses contain information and evaluations that bring together the concepts learned throughout the student's academic experience in the College of Business.

(BSBA Majors) Is it true that I cannot get a seat in MGT 4750 (Strategic Management) and BUS 4000 (Business Capstone) until I have done a Senior Check?
Yes! Students must complete a Senior Check before being allowed to register for MGT 4750 and BUS 4000. All seats in MGT 4750 and BUS 4000 are reserved for graduating seniors. Students who miss the Senior Check deadline will get a permit once they have done the Senior Check, but not until after early registration.  BUS 4000 is only required of students following a Fall 2009 or later catalog.  Students must also apply to graduate to be eligible to get a seat in these courses unless they are not graduating in the same term in which they will take MGT 4750 and BUS 4000 (e.g. accounting majors finishing up with the internship and mini courses).

When should I get a Senior Check?
Students should get a Senior Check during the semester just prior to the last regular semester of course work (this will be one semester prior to graduation for most students and two semesters prior to graduation for those doing an internship or a study abroad program in their last semester).

  • Get a Senior Check early in the fall semester if . . .
    • You are finishing all course work in the following spring and will graduate in that spring, or
    • You are finishing all course work in the spring before doing an internship or study abroad program during the summer (graduating at the end of the internship term or study abroad term).
  • Get a Senior Check early in the spring semester if . . .
    • You are finishing all course work in the following summer or fall and will graduate at the end of that term, or
    • You are finishing all course work (except accounting mini-courses) in the following summer or fall before doing an internship or study abroad program during the following spring (graduating at the end of the spring term).

What if I have questions about my Senior Check?
If you do not understand the information on the Senior Check, please talk with your advisor before signing the Senior Check. Do not sign the Senior Check until you are sure you understand it because you will be required to abide by the information on the Senior Check. If you have questions about your course schedule or your GPA after signing your Senior Check, you should meet with a COB advisor in 2126 Peacock Hall.

What if I want to get a Senior Check done earlier to make sure I am on track?
Senior Checks will only be done according to the schedule above. However, students can make sure they are on track by making an appointment to see an advisor anytime to review academic progress.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a Senior Check?
Be sure your majors and minors are correct on the ASU student system.  If you are pursuing a minor that requires a contract, you must be sure that the contract is in your file prior to requesting an Senior Check.

What if I am going to be away doing an internship or study abroad during the semester in which I should be getting a Senior Check?
You can request a Senior Check by email ( by the deadline of March 9th at 2:00 pm). A Senior Check will be prepared for you and sent to you via email.

(BSBA Degrees) My Senior Check has a note that states one of my remaining requirements must fulfill the Global Issues requirements - what does that mean?
Students on catalogs that have a Global Issues requirement must take one course from a list of courses approved to meet this requirement.  The list is on the program of study, as well as DegreeWorks, and includes a list of approved business courses, business study abroad programs or any semester abroad program or a foreign language course at the 3000 level or above.  Generally, with careful planning, the course taken to fulfill the Global Issues requirement can also meet another degree requirements.  However, there are times that a student must take an additional course to meet the Global Issues requirement.

(BSBA Degrees) My Senior Check says I need a 3000/4000 level COB elective (COB ELEC); what can I take to fulfill that?
A COB elective can be any 3000/4000 level business course with the prefix ACC, BUS, CIS, ECO, FIN, HOS, LAW, MGT, MKT, POM, or SCM with the exception of MGT 3010, FIN 3010 or any other course that says "not open to business majors for credit". We do not have a list of 3000/4000 leve COB electives because a course that is required for one business major could be an elective for a different business major.

(BSBA Degrees) My Senior Check says I need a 3000/4000 level free elective in or out of the COB (UL ELEC); what should I take to complete that requirement?
To complete your 3000/4000 level, you can take more busines courses at the 3000/4000 level (with the exception of MGT 3010, FIN 3010 or any other course that says "not open to business majors for credit") or you can take any non business course at the 3000/4000 level. Click here for a list of most of the 3000/4000 non business courses offered at ASU that do not have prerequisites (or did not have prerequisites at the time the list was compiled).