Switching from Main Campus to App State Online

Main Campus Students Wanting to Transfer to the App State Online BSBA - Management Program

The online BSBA-Management program offers 50 of the hours required for the BSBA with a major in Management, as follows. 

  • ECO 2200 and all "additional" business core courses (23 hours)
  • All major requirements, major electives and business electives (27 hours)
  • All other requirements must be completed before beginning the program
  • Management is the only business major offered through the App State Online program 

The program is designed and intended for students who plan to complete all or most of the 50 hours offered through the program after being admitted to the program.*

Students who have been main campus students should keep in mind that, due to the different tuition and fee structure, App State Online students do NOT have access to various main campus services including the following:

  • Textbook rental system
  • Student Health services
  • Student Recreation Center
  • free tickets for Appalachian athletic events 

App State Online students are still able to use the library and other support services. Please visit the Student Accounts web site for the App State Online Tuition & Fees.


  • The General Education Program with minimum grades of C in RC 1000 and RC 2001
  • ACC 2100 and ACC 2110 (minimum grade of C- in each)
  • ECO 2030, ECO 2040 and ECO 2100 (minimum grade of C- in each) - STT 2810 or 2820 can substitute for ECO 2100
  • LAW 2150 (minimum grade of C-)
  • MAT 1030, MAT 1035. or MAT 1110 (minimum grade of C- required in the math course selected)
  • Computer Proficiency (minimum grade of C-in CIS 1026 or passing score on Computer Proficiency Test) for students who are on the 2018-2019 or previous catalog
    • CIS 1060 with a minimum grade of C- is required for students entering ASU in Fall 2019 or later
  • Ability to reach 2.0 in Lower Level Business Core
  • All free electives
  • A minimum of 70 hours
  • Validation by department chairs of any previous ASU or transfer course work in excess of ten years old that may count in the App State Online program 

Main campus students who move to the onlilne program must be able to make continuous progress in the program (students who have not been admitted to the College of Business and who have GPA's below 2.6 may not be able to make continuous progress in the program because there is a limit to what can be taken prior to COB Admission). Students will not be admitted to the BSBA online program if they are not eligible to take any of the courses offered through the program.

Requesting to move to the App State Online Program from Main Campus

CURRENTLY ENROLLED ASU STUDENTS may request a move to the App State Online BSBA-MGT online program, if prerequisites listed above are complete or in progress.

Request to Move from Main Campus to App State Online


  • Fall entry: April 1 (priority) or July 1 (if seats remain after April 1 deadline).
  • Spring entry:  September 1 (priority) or October 1 (if seats remain).

PREVIOUS ASU STUDENTS (returning to ASU) must follow the standard readmission process (see https://registrar.appstate.edu/students/readmission)

Special Considerations

  1. It will usually take longer for a main campus student to complete the degree requirements when moving to the online BSBA program due to the fact that courses are only offered once per year and rarely in the summer. A calendar of when each course will be offered through the online BSBA online program can be found here.
  2. Students who were admitted to the WCOB when previously attending ASU will be considered admitted to the WCOB upon entering the App State Online cohort. However, if new courses have been added to the curriculum as admission requirements, these students must complete these requirements.
  3. Students who took business courses at the 3000 level or above when previously attending ASU but were not admitted to the WCOB can still take no more than a total of five business courses at the 3000-level or above prior to admission to the WCOB INCLUDING THOSE PREVIOUSLY TAKEN.
  4. Students who previously attended ASU and are returning under a University Forgiveness Policy must establish a minimum GPA of 2.6 based on a minimum of 12 NEW hours graded A-F at ASU.
  5. Students who previously attended ASU and are returning under a University Forgiveness Policy must still meet the minimum grades required in specific courses (RC 1000 and RC 2001 or the equivalents) and must meet the minimum GPA in the lower level core based on the actual last grade earned in each of these classes, even if taken prior to returning under forgiveness.

*Occasionally, main campus students may want to transfer to the only BSBA program to complete only a few of the requirements offered through the program. Consideration will be given, right before the start of a given term, to these requests, but only if space is available once students planning to complete the entire program have been admitted and registered.  Students should pursue an alternative plan in case their request is not granted.