Online Bulletin

Students must meet the requirements in place in the catalog under which the student is graduating.  For students who started a program in 2017 and later this information can be found in the online bulletin, a comprehensive resource for information on the college, including programs, departments and major and minor requirements.

View ASU online bulletin

For students entering the Walker College of Business in 2017 and before, this information can be found on the Programs of Study website.

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Readmission to the University?

For students returning to Appalachian, you may find Readmission information on the Registrar's Office site.

Four Year Guides

Four year guides are recommended semester-by semester plan of study for a major and are meant as examples of how a degree can be completed in four years. Individual plans will be developed for each student in consultation with the academic advisor. Prior credit, course availability, and student needs must be considered in developing the individual plan.

View Walker College of Business Four Year Guides

GPA Caculator

To use the GPA Calculator, link to this Google Sheet.  Make a copy, then insert your grade information. Be sure to save the sheet to your personal drive.

You may copy subsets from the right hand side of the page into the left hand side of the sheet to calculate different GPAs needed in the WCOB.  For example, copy the Lower Level Core GPA list in orange from the right hand side to the left.  You can also leave it blank to calculate a term GPA.  For questions about how to use the GPA calculator, please see your academic advisor.