Computer Proficiency

Computer Proficiency:  Required for COB Admission

Students on the 2019-2020 catalog are required to take CIS 1060 instead of meeting a computer profiency requirement. 

For students on catalogs prior to 2019, the Walker College of Business strongly encourages taking CIS 1060 to meet the computer proficiency requirement.  CIS 1060 is a new course created to meet revised computer expectations for academic and career success.

This course will help students expand their Excel abilities and develop data analytics skills, both key elements, as recommended by our faculty, advisory boards and many recruiters.  

Options for establishing computer proficiency are:

  • passing the computer proficiency exam* (last exam offered December 2, 2019) or
  • passing CIS 1060 (with a minimum grade of "C-").  

Please discuss your options for meeting computer profiency with your academic advisor.

*While the computer proficiency test measures proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office as well as some other technology skills, it does not prepare you for success in higher level business courses or for the level of data analytics that many employers are looking for. 

For more information about Computer Proficiency, including exam dates, registration process, and exam information, please click here.


The last chance to take the computer proficiency exam will be December 2, 2019.