How to Add or Change a Major/Minor

To change/add a major or minor: 
Students who have already declared their majors in the Walker College of Business must meet with an advisor before making a change to their program of study. 
Make an appointment through our website:  see yellow appointment button to the left.

After you and an advisor have discussed how the program change will impact you, you will be given a link to a Change of Program Form. 

Students who have declared majors in other colleges, who wish to add a minor from the Walker College of Business, should see their college website for information about adding a minor.

Find major/minor requirements:
You can find the requirements for all majors and minors in the Undergraduate Bulletin.
Remember that majors, general education and minors must all have the same catalog year, so when you are looking for the requirements of a minor, make sure you are searching the correct corresponding catalog year.

Who is My Advisor?

The Walker College of Business does not assign advisors.  Each of our advisors is well versed in all business majors and will collaborate with you to develop a personalized and effective academic plan.  Our office is committed to the highest quality of service in each and every interaction.  To make an advising appointment, please click the yellow button to the left.


Interested in becoming a business major?

Declaring Your Major

  • All students apply to ASU with an intended major, but once here and when you are ready, you must go through the process of declaring a major.  To declare your major, review this web page.

Once you declare or change your major to a College of Business major, you must meet the requirements to become admitted to the college.  We encourage you to work with a WCOB advisor regularly to stay on track for admission and graduation!

Learn about the admission process and how to become part of the Walker College of Business.

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Registration Issues

Find the answers to all your questions regarding registration.

5 Count Limit

5 count limit

Students not admitted to the Walker College of Business through the BSBA program may take a maximum of five business courses at the 3000 level or above.

When students become admitted to the College of Business they will no longer be restricted to a limit of 5  business courses at the 3000 level or above.

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Senior Check

Senior Check is the last official review of your progress in meeting graduation requirements. It supersedes any other advising plans and should be completed early in your second to last semester of classes.

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Student Responsibilities

Academic advising is an integral part of the educational experience. It is not an isolated event, but rather an ongoing process between the student and the advising center contributing to the development of student independence and decision-making. At the heart of advising is the development of each student's intellectual and personal growth. While advising helps students define their educational goals, the primary responsibility for decision-making rests with the student.

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