Admission to the Walker College of Business

Admission Requirements 

Admission Process

  • There is no application process for admission to the Walker College of Business. 
  • All students who meet the requirements for admission will be automatically admitted. 
  • Admission does not happen until all grades and requirements are officially processed by the Registrar's Office.
  • If a student is not automatically admitted via computer, please contact the WCOB Advising Office for assistance with admission.  
  • Students must have officially declared a business major in order to be admitted to the Walker College of Business.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA)

BA-Economics majors will be admitted upon officially declaring a major.  This admission status indicates that the student is admitted to his/her degree-granting college; it does not give the students access to unlimited business courses.

Special Considerations

  • Understanding the 5 count limit
  • Computer Proficiency requirement
    • Students on catalogs prior to 2019 who want to attempt to pass the test to meet the computer proficiency requirement should take the computer proficiency test as soon as possible.  The last test will be given in December 2019.  Click Computer Proficiency requirement link above for more information.
    • Students on the 2019 catalog and later should not take the computer proficiency test; it will not meet any requirements for you in the new catalogs.

Transfer Students

Transfer students who enter ASU having met all course requirements and earned hours for admission to the Wlaker College of Business must establish a GPA of 2.5 on catalogs up to and including 2018.  The GPA on 2019 catalogs and later is now 2.6.  In addition this GPA must be based on a minimum of 12 graded hours at ASU before being admitted to the College of Business.  While working on establishing the required GPA, students can take up to five business courses at the 3000-level or above.  In addition, students can take any 1000/2000 level business courses and either CTE/BE 3340 or ENG 3100.