Mission, Philosophy & Principles


Through collaborative relationships, the WCOB Advising Center encourages and supports students as they develop the skills necessary to explore, create and pursue purposeful, realistic educational plans consistent with their academic, professional and personal goals. 


Academic advising is an integral part of the educational experience. It is not an isolated event, but rather an ongoing process between the student and the advising center contributing to the development of student independence and decision-making. At the heart of advising is the development of each student's intellectual and personal growth. While advising helps students define their educational goals, the primary responsibility for decision-making rests with the student.


  • Professionalism:  We collectively strive to provide accurate, timely information and assistance in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust while maintaining ethical business practices.
  • Respect: We seek to establish reciprocal relationships within the WCOB Advising Team and with students which are inclusive, non-judgmental, and value the uniqueness of each individual.
  • Collaboration:  We actively practice collaboration among the WCOB Advising team and with students and the campus community.