Student & Advisor Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

  • schedule regular appointments well ahead of registration periods and will show up on time
  • come to appointments prepared with relevant decision-making information and questions
  • complete assignments from advisor in a timely way
  • become knowledgeable about requirements of your academic program as well as university and WCOB policies and procedures and will ask questions when unclear about any of these
  • check ASU email regularly for notices from WCOB Advising
  • keep a personal record of progress towards meeting degree requirements and will accept responsibility for academic decisions
  • be aware of course prerequisites and terms in which courses are offered
  • actively explore major/career options and make informed decisions
  • observe academic deadlines
  • enhance educational experience by participating in educational opportunities outside of the classroom and keeping a record of these activities
  • consult with an advisor prior to making academic decisions such as dropping a course, changing majors, etc., and will inform the advisor and faculty immediately whenever a serious problem disrupts your ability to attend class or perform your best work.
  • utilize the WCOB Advising website periodically for up-to-date information and other resources
  • complete a privacy waiver on AppalNet and provide those who should have access to your academic record with your Banner ID number and the Parent PIN (this is optional, but should be done prior to advisors working with parents or others for whom you grant access)

Advisor Responsibilities

  • be available during regular hours
  • help you to create a realistic educational plan
  • be knowledgeable about resources on campus that are available to assist you and will make referrals when appropriate
  • provide accurate information about degree requirements and policies and procedures
  • maintain documentation of your progress towards meeting your educational goals
  • help you to select appropriate courses
  • assist you in understanding the purpose and goals of higher education and its effects on your life and personal plans and will assist you in exploring your interests, abilities and goals as they relate to an academic major
  • be aware of important deadlines
  • encourage you to participate in learning opportunities outside of the classroom
  • explain available options if you experience academic roadblocks
  • create and maintain helpful resources to enhance your educational experience
  • maintain confidentiality and comply with FERPA regulations